Om oss

Senze of Joy was established in 2005 by the sisters Gro Elin Svartdal and Hege Støkken. They started with interior decorations and Senze of Joy quickly became associated with its unique collection of sequins cushions. They later got a third partner in Gry Bergstrøm and moved on to design a clothing line in addition to interior.

We want our products to feel unique for you! We want to offer conscious girls regardless of age an exciting collection with something for every occasion. We love the idea that a product can be used for everyday purpose but also when you dress up for a party. It´s how you style it that will either rock it up or tone it down. The choice is all yours:-

“Made with love to be worn with Joy”

We use qualities of pure natural materials that feels soft and comfortable.

We are also concerned that the interior should reflect a personal style and therefore we design exclusive cushions, throws and rugs that only gets nicer with time.

We never get bored of natural fibres and find inspiration from the African wildlife, both when it comes to print as well as colors. The natural earth colors will always be the base colors you will find in our collections.

Our style is «Casual Cool» and we hope you experience a «Senze of Joy» every time you use our products.